Lust remains simply very strong sexual desire whilst Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Both lead to people making rather… unusual decisions when put to the test.

Swaying in the moonlight,
To a long ruined song,
Of romance and pretty sights,
In a warm embrace of love.
A question softly spoken,
The answer always the same.

Are you having fun?

The subtle smirk of red lips,
An innocent laugh in the air.

I always have fun with you.
You’re enjoying yourself too right?

With an amused face, he smiled,
But it didn’t seem to touch his eyes.

If you’re having fun, I’m happy.


A shaking cough.
A stuttered word
With a glance around.

Love, the hidden treasure,
That awaits you deep in a heart.
Or Lust, the mistress of the night,
That flows through everyone’s minds.
As in the heated night, to morning,
Dawn tends to show the truth,
Of an empty bed and empty home.


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