First and foremost I wanted to thank everyone for the support we’ve been recieving! I’ve read such kind words sent to us (privately, so I won’t name names) and they mean so much to us!

As of late, there has been as per usual, a decent amount of topics on my mind.

Still being a student myself, I can’t help but worry at times of how easily overworking can occur. Of course it’s up to the student to not put too much on their plate but at times even the bare minimum seems to drive some to brinks of cliffs they don’t remember climbing. It breaks my heart at times really. To be honest, Lyle even comes home at times running on empty from what on an outside view can be considered the easiest days.

In a way, it seems to just build up. All the stresses we put on ourselves and the workloads on our backs, there is eventually a straw. And that straw can have some of us end up sleeping until 5pm.

I mean, we work ourselves to the bone for what? To get through college to get a career. There, we work to get a promotion, for more money. Working to a god retirement we can’t even enjoy because we died at 45 from falling asleep at the wheel. Or a heart attack. Or just drifted off in our sleep because our souls no longer wished to stay in such bodies.

So much work and no play can make us quite dull boys and girls after all.

Time is something I just crave more of I guess. Or just less need to rest though that likely will not happen anytime soon.

My thoughts in general might be realizations others had centuries ago even, yet some things just don’t feel real to me until I write them down.



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