Lily, noun, a heraldic fleur-de-lis, pure.

Pink Lily flowers,
In April, rain showers and
Drops knocking petals

Rain drops knocking them
Back and froth and forth and back,
Nature cuts no slack.

Fight of the witty,
Survival of the fittest,
No one lives through this.

Yellow Lily breeze,
I fall on my knees again,
If I knew it then…

Raindrops, fighting them,
And Nature cuts no slack just,
Survival of the fit.

My lily flower,
Wilting from flooding in rain,
With nothing to gain.

Red Lily Flowers,
Petals scattered all around,
Red everywhere.

Raindrops and drop kicks,
Back and forth the rope does swing,
Bullying Nature.

School fields with flowers,
The lily picked herself and,
Leaves just the roots there.

Shared with a blue rose,
Trapped in this prose of her tale,
Tragedy relived.

Dripping my nectar,
Signing my pages with her
blood-red petals and-

Your Lyle flower,
Waiting with two sets of roots,
And just endless time.


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