What happened to my inspiration,
That far out goal to change the nation,
Thinking back to my initiation,
Feelings of such high elation,

Discovering a new way to communicate,
Getting to that point, where it’s far too late,
And having that expiration date
On a chance to be so truly great

Nothing else in the world can bring you down,
Nothing else in the world could make you drown,

Filling your mind with such feelings of sadness,
Making you feel like you’re of pure madness,
Too little of life and reality’s gladness

I don’t want to do that.
I don’t want to be that.

‘Cause that’s not me,
That’s not the reflection that I want to see,
When I look, in the mirror, for what I want to be
‘Cause in my body, I’m not the lessee,
To this heart, I owe no apology,
I only want to let this mind be free,
Not to treat it like it’s a damn escapee,
‘Cause this soul isn’t no nobody,
Forever and now, it’ll always be me.


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