Forget, noun, to inadvertently neglect to do, bring, or mention something; to put out of one’s mind; cease to think of or consider.

I sat there forever

waiting for you

cursed to wait

for a member of

my family to find

me trapped in eternal

peril until discovered and released


I prayed for a cousin

to just come by or

for an aunt or uncle

to come peek in but

not so much as a peek

from them to show they

cared, didn’t help me survive


Not even so much as a

call or letter, no contact at

all, so nothing to sooth

my aching nerves and heart

that are suffering in my prison

of eternal darkness, laying forgotten,

waiting for someone to appear


I felt like I was detached

from my physical body, as

a way to cope with the pain,

my spirit looking and hoping

for a way to escape or a

place to escape to, but it

shan’t was given opportunity


I told myself, repetitively,

I shall survive, I will get

through the pain of this

But even while trying to

convince myself of it

I didn’t even believe it,

so I failed at it, miserably


I waited for what felt like

my lifetime, three times over

Laying forgotten in my cursed home

When the shining light, the rays

of the precious sun, shone in from

the world, blinding me but satisfying

after being the eternal darkness and misery


It burned my eyes but I continued to watch it

In fear it would stow away from me again

It seared my face but I told myself

that I shan’t turn away from it

I knew it would leave scars to never

heal but I stood there, tall and strong

wanting to truly know why it was there


The light dimmed down and there standing

in the doorway was his face, and there he was

just as if nothing had ever happened,

I felt fury and anger at this but I pushed

it all aside and let joy and glee fill me

Then, I was too happy too truly care anymore

Just happy he was there


You stood there smiling with

a smile almost as wide as

the arms you had stretched and

held out at me, which I

gayly ran into, with

my face being brighter

than a million fireflies

in the night sky


We hugged for another eternity

it seemed, never wanting

to let go again, in fear that

we would be torn apart again

only this time forever, When we

did break apart, we looked into each others

eyes then snapped back together like magnets


You were north, I was south and

opposites always attract, with

us we might as well been stuck

with glue, but for us we

didn’t the glue to put us

together, like a jigsaw puzzle

we were two connecting pieces


We finally broke apart again, and

I felt something on my face

Wiping it away, I could see

on my fingertips that they were

tears rolling down my cheeks

dripping off my chin, glistening

before they splash onto the floor


He wipes them away and asks me

what’s wrong, why do I cry?

I just shake my head at a loss

for words, and bury my head

in his chest, looking for a way

too describe what I feel, listening

to his heartbeat, the slow beat soothing my nerves


I finally lift my head up and

wipe away the tears off my face

and out of my eyes, I smile at

him and my smile grows bigger,

seeing his face, a similar image

to my firefly bright face,

that continues to shine bright


Though not a perfect mirror image,

We were close enough, of course

because how could a father and

daughter look completely different?

We shared a pair of big ears and

a nice chin and some could say

I had his big forehead too


As the tears finally disappear and

the smiles slightly fade as our

faces tire from holding them

We sit on the cursed couch of my

cursed home as being apart for

so long resulted in a lot of

catching up to do…


We, as if in sync, open our

mouths at the same time and laugh

at this, then he opens his again

and back and forth we then

go, our thoughts, memories,

and other events that happened to

each other, flowing out like waterfalls


A year is a long time alone, and

a couple of them is even worse,

So we had plenty to talk about

Yet at one point, my mouth was

having trouble forming the words

my brain wished to be created

as if it was full of cotton


It might have been the shock

I went through in seeing him

so suddenly, but I was over that

at that point, it might have been

the fact that I hadn’t had anyone

to talk to in that cursed home

aside from my shadow and the spiders…


But I knew in my heart that it was

the fact that I truly had nothing to

say to him verbally, that the only

way to talk to him and convey

my feelings and emotions

was through my face and expressions

But to be left unspoken



The things we wished to say,

in the difficult art of

our eyes, were everything

we could say, our dreams

crushed as the were and

nightmares that thrived,

among the emotions and feelings


What it was like to be

forgotten by a loved one,

cast aside for later,

To be thrown like a rag

doll, but treated like a book,

where once it is read, it is

useless unless you like the story and read it again


But even then, you can only

reread it so many times…

You put it away and forgotten

it lays, on the bottom shelf

it stays, to be cast away from

the mind and for the mind to

think of other things it likes…


The book is left alone and

it sits there, feeling unloved,

unwanted and unwelcome now…

In the home, it soon feels

like it deserved to be forgotten

and then sits there in silence,

Wallowing in sorrow…


The book’s emotion can be used

to describe mine, though only

of fraction of it, the rest of

it filled with a mixture of

many other emotions but they

could not be described and said

aloud for then, they wouldn’t be understood


No, the only way for him to genuinely

understand is to hold my gaze

To let my glare be a window of

what’s going on inside of me

To see the emotions boiling and

bubbling inside of me,

laying in wait to be released


But though the weakened smiles

are maintained, he refuses to meet

my gaze and won’t allow me to open

the window, whether it’s because

he doesn’t want to look in or doesn’t

want me to look into his window,

He still lowers his eyes to the ground


But I do know some emotions he has

from his posture and body language,

I can see guilt in his slouch

And I see shame in his line of

sight pointed at the ground along

with his saddened expression,

All within the second, I detect this


We both know he has done wrong,

that I suffered because of it,

Yet we stay silent

We both know he is the one at fault

and I was forgotten,

Yet we continue to sit there

in dead silence, in an awkward moment…


The initial joy and glee has

disappeared with awkwardness

and fury replacing it, the

anger I had pushed away when

I first saw him, coming back

up like vomit with a vengeance,

And it’s all aimed at him


I could only guess that my face

reflected this because he was

looking at it as if understanding

how I felt which insulted me,

Then as to break the ongoing silence

and tension that had been building

I ask, where has he been?


He looks at me but not at my brown

eyes as I glare at his hazel ones,

with an intensity so great even I

could feel it, I look at him as if

daring him to lift his gaze and

meet mine, then when he remains

silent I repeat the question


He pauses then gives the simple

answer of, Oh…around..

Why haven’t you visited me at all?

I’ve been very…very busy, he answers.

Busy? I think, too busy to come see

you forgotten daughter? The rage starts to

build up, I keep these thought to myself though,


I don’t speak them, just let them live in my mind

They thrive and flourish, feeding on my misery and pain,

Yet, even with it all building up, I was split,

Part of me wanted my rage to be let out

on him and the world, so they all pay and

the other wanted to hold it in from them

I was so deep in thought, my body went on auto-pilot…


I asked, he answered and while I thought, the

cycle continued on in reality, but then

He asked a question that snapped me back to reality.

I thought, He dare ask that? He has the audacity to ask

that? When he asks…So… How have you been lately?

My mind overloaded and I was too deep in reality

at that point, just because of the question,


My thought swam in my mind, most

of them furious, with the fury of

a women scorned, in a girl’s mind

How have I been? Trapped in that house?

Cursed to be in that house, drowning in

my own nightmares and sorrow? Was I

supposed to answer just fine?


Either way, I don’t know why

but that’s what I answered, I

acted like everything had been

fine and he relaxed, Why I did that

I don’t know, to keep him happy?

to prevent a war and keep peace?

I do not know…


But this continued on until he

left again, and next time he arrived

this event repeated again…and again

and again…until I just stopped…

Next time he arrived, mid-way I kicked

Him out of that cursed home then the magic started…


The sorrow turned to happiness

The misery turned to joy

The wrong turned to right

Everything became clear

I felt at peace and still am

I realized he was the weight on my

shoulders and once lifted, I could see hope


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