Question, noun, a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.

I question my father,

I question my mother,

I question my sister,

I question my brother,


I question my world,

I question my mind,

I question what it means to see,

And to truly be blind.


I question hatred on this earth,

Why it’s felt against other people,

When peace leaves us with no bloodshed,

No funerals under the church steeple,


I question why we don’t avoid,

Black clad-mondays because of drinking fridays,

Why safety rather than idiocy,

Cannot be the newest craze,


I question religion,

I question my existence,

Why I can never comfort my best friend,

With miles of separating distance,


I question my teachers,

I question my school,

Why not agreeing mindlessly,

Makes me the fool,


I question what’s wrong,

With change, with happiness,

Why the sweetness of an innocent soul,

Is quickly filled with bitterness,


I question why growing old,

Is synonymous with maturity,

Even when the young,

Can see with just as much clarity,


I question why wisdom,

Isn’t worth much these days,

Why if you try to gain it,

You’re just a young teen in a phase,


I question the internet,

I question knowledge,

I question the necessity,

Of endless years of college,


I question whose them,

I question her and him,

I question reality,

And every pseudonym,


I question everything,

Obviously a ton,

I question this poem,

If it even is one.



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