Preface, this is a much older, very short story written years back when I was still but a middle school student years ago. I was going to rewrite it but figured it wouldn’t hurt to put the untouched version up.

In a town, not too far off London, there was a boy that had little money. He never was able to buy much of anything. Toys, books, none of it. All he had was the clothes on his back. The world wasn’t the best of places at the time.


He was but an orphan, alone in this world. Until one day, he met a salesman. This salesman seemed off at first, approaching a young boy on the street in ragged clothes of all people, but his offer was stranger.


“Would you like a balloon?”

The boy looked at the man like he was crazy.

“You have none of give me.” The salesman laughed and said, “I have plenty if you accept.” The boy had nothing better to do and accepted. The man told him to close his eyes, which he did and the boy opened them to see the man holding many a balloon in his hand. “What? How did you-“

“Here, you can have a blue one.” The salesman suddenly tied it around the boy’s wrist. The boy, shocked, didn’t stop him and just watched as the salesman waved him off. “Enjoy your balloon!” The boy watched him quickly leave. The boy couldn’t undo the man’s knot, so later he slept with the balloon attached to his arm.

The boy woke up in a different place. It was white like the cloud, and held no others beyond him. He looked at the balloon that was now grey, drained of its color. It was popped, and dragging along the floor. The boy eventually looked around and saw a figure that he toward. He ran. And ran. And ran.


The salesman congratulated himself on a well done sale. Another job well done. He decided that was enough for today and decided to return, he could finish up now and just start with the others later. After all, the wandering salesman could always wait until tomorrow to go to the hospital. Though one of them is getting a brick instead of a balloon, he doesn’t deserve to go up there.

An angel’s work is never done.


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