Slur, noun, a derogatory nickname for a racial group, used without restraint.

Mama, today

I got into a fray

With this mean white boy

During recess, over a toy


He called me this weird word

It sounded so absurd

He called me a Bagel-dog

So I called him back a hog


Teacher didn’t yell at him

But yelled at me during gym

I don’t know what his word meant

But I got his intent
Nana, earlier

I saw this kid, plenty burlier

Than I was and he said

That I was a Red


What’s a Red Sea Pedestrian?

It’s a fancy word like an equestrian

That means something different

Sorta like a referent


He also called me a Goldie boy

Now he started to just annoy

Me with all these weird things

Talking above me like kings


Papa, yesterday

I got into a fray

With a girl, who was sorta small

Over the last bouncy ball
I didn’t want to bully her

But with what she said, it’s how things were

She said I was a Crikey kid

I went to tell the teacher but she forbid

Me from ever going to recess again

So she sat me down with a pen


From my desk, I had to write

These words and in my fright

I just wrote in my scrawl

That porkies don’t deserve the ball


Mama, why do I get called such a name?

What have I done to get such blame?

Why am I a Bagel dog? Why am I a Crikey?

Why I am a Goldie? Why am I a Porky?


Is it from the blue pillow on my bed?

Or the kipoh that sits on my head?

Because I wear red shoes on my feet?

Or that when I walk I avoid the main street?

I just don’t get all this!

All I want is some bliss!

And they keep starting up strife!

Just let me live my life!


I don’t want to not play!

I want to go to recess everyday!

Like all the other kids, treat me the same!

Mama, why am I always the one to blame?




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