Nightmare, noun, a terrifying or very unpleasant experience.

The haunting silence of the cold night

Draws me in deeper as I take a step

Another day, another night in

My Endless Slumber


The dawn break over yonder window sill

The mockingbird replaces the nightingales shrill

The sun bathes the house in envious light

And though warmth comes with it, this is my plight


As the days grow longer and night’s short

Every night I sweat a river like a guilty man in court

I twist and turn, flip and plead

But the sun and warmth, pays no heed


For against my will, when sleep takes me

It’s as restless and horrible as it could be

I’m plagued with nightmares that have me so…

The images just bring me such melancholy and woe


It feels infernal but sleep is my addiction

And these very dreams are what’s my affliction

They seem so life-like, blurs in my mind

The sights and horrors as real as that big star that shined.


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