I can feel it coursing through me,
Look at this arm, that there vein,
It’s something I can’t deny I love,
Whether mad or sane

For it feels me with a high
That I dare try to repeat
A bar set the very first time
That it feels like it may never meet

But oh feel my mind,
Soaring up on cloud nine
As my eyes roll to meet my brain
I shake and fall, it’s so divine

My body cannot handle such feeling of such bliss
But without it I can’t live, it’s something that I miss

Living life just day to day
Instead of doing it my way
That’s the price to pay
When I made that choice that day

But now I’m here to enjoy the shine
Of a star that inspires my world
Even though it burned out so long ago
I lay back, eyes shut, toes curled

Relishing in the dead light of a star
That follow the path of my life
No matter how far I get
I’m sealed a living with strife

To pay all those bills that pile up while my head’s up high
Doing whatever I need to, to get that feeling and get by

But it’s something I can’t fight
Even with all this might
Understand my plight?
Because I’m high as a kite.

And I can’t turn back now,
I’ve dived into the deep end
And that shine’s no star,
Just a scythe around the bend

And I know what’s coming at me
I can’t stop causing my own affliction
As I look at a ghastly reflection
The result of my uncontrolled addiction.


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