I saw a madman on the corner today.
He spoke of the end to our lives in a way,
An act of God, ashamed of his creation,
Who committed sins and fell victim to temptation.

I sat across from a madman, on a bench today,
As he called us all crazy, for settling with okay.
He screamed of not always saying yes sir, no,
And of living freely and not putting on a show.

I heard a madman, in the park today.
But he caught my ears, to me they betray,
As he questioned if we were hearing or listening,
And I looked up to see, tears on his face glistening.

He shouted of our mistakes, that we should proudly wear,
Of quitting the jobs we despise, as if we don’t care.
Saying we’ve already given up, by settling for so little.
Allowing ourselves to be pushed around, as if we’re so frail and brittle.

I watched others walk by, not giving the time,
To listen to this old man, as they enjoyed their prime.
He warned of us of regrets, of a trip dates that never arrived.
Of the fantastical adventures of which he was deprived.

Unlived lives walked past our seeing eyes,
As I looked around, now as I saw the lies,
Of saying I’m content, when I was full of such sadness…

I spoke to a man today, and joined him in madness.


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