Fallen Angel, noun, an angel who rebels and is outcast because of it.

See my wings?

They aren’t white


Like those fancy angels

The pure, the perfect and the unrealistic


They’re grey

I’m not pure, perfect but I’m totally real


See my wings?

They aren’t red


Like a demon’s wings

All spiny and scaly


They’re smooth and fluffy

With feathers that fall out every now and then


See my wings?

They aren’t green


Like a strong dragon’s

That are huge and could cause tornadoes


They’re small

Just my size, there’s nothing wrong with that

See my wings?

They’re mine


Because I’m not perfect enough for angel wings

I’m not bad enough for demon wings

I’m not strong enough for dragon wings


I don’t want to be perfect, there’s no such thing

I don’t want to bad, I don’t need to be strong

I just want to be me







My grey wings, so pretty

Feel them, they’re soft

But they aren’t right

They shouldn’t be grey


Well that’s what they say

You know, ‘They’

The people that decide what’s what

What should be, what should go


‘They’ say you have to be good

Or else you’ll lose your white wings

Losing your white wings is bad

That’s what they say



I lost my white wings

They’ve since turned grey

One mistake is all takes

For you to lose it all


My grey wings, so nice,

I like how they feel

But they’re wrong

Because they aren’t red


Red is the magic color,

For the bad, deceitful and evil

That’s what ‘they’ say anyway

Whatever this all means


If you’re bad you get red wings

Spiny and scaly with pointy tips

They symbolize you and what you did

That’s what ‘they’ say it means


I never got red wings

I wasn’t bad enough for it

My one mistake is just the one

I didn’t make anymore, so no wings for me



My grey wings, not scaly

Not red, white or green

They’re not good enough

Whatever that means


I apparently need green wings

A dragon’s might I add

If I’m strong, I’m tough

I’m courageous to the bone


I wasn’t courageous

My mistake was being a coward

Who doesn’t deserve anything

Any color of wing except grey that is


They hunt me, they hurt me

Just because I’m different

Why’s that so bad,

Not having a certain color


I’m proud of my grey wings

They’re mine and that’s it

So go somewhere else

I don’t need ‘they’, just me



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