Aberration, noun, a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected

What happened to that old tradition?

Sadly forced into harsh submission.

I miss the days where it was all so clear,

Instead of so far, always so near

I miss it I need it the clarity,

It’s so hard to find, the cunning rarity

It’s driving me crazy, into deeper insanity

It feels like all is lost, o’ where is the humanity


I beg I plead from someone to see,

Worry a little less about you and more about me,

Someone just to come and detect

That my mentality is truly wrecked.

My mind has flew south for the winter,

It’s not just a small crack it’s a giant splinter

It’s a giant break, that’s destroyed my cranium,

It’s simply paper instead of titanium


My rock hard mind, shattered to dust,

Rescue is needed, it’s now a must

As my mind is left there, turning to rust

It’s not fair not right or even just

For this savior I have an insatiable lust

For here it feels like there’s no one I can trust

To save me from myself, before even I look on in disgust.


So someone please just hear my plead

Come ride in on your noble steed

And proceed with the unspeakable deed

As I recede from this life as payment for my misdeed.

I shan’t mislead

I do only secede.

That all, is what’s guaranteed.


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