Why, adverb, for what reason or purpose does life choose to build you up only to tear you down again.

The child hugged the stuffed toy like it gave him life,
Was the very being that had given him life and was all he’d ever wanted.
He clutched it lovingly as he battled his father’s single word with his own.
Shouting only one word.

The girl looked again in the mirror, watching her movements.
The woven fabric hugged her stick body, yet flowed around her legs.
Mature clothing for an immature face, yet questioning her mother didn’t approve.
Saying only one word.

The teen looked at the display of love and passion exchanged through lips.
The one he bared flowers, chocolates, even skin to had her arms around another.
The one he had confided in, played games with, even comforted during low times.
Whispering only one word.

The woman roughly wiped her face of tears for one as she approached another.
She stood up and ran over to the drunkard, the idiot, the ignoramus of a moron,
The one that had caused it all, cost her it all, her husband, her son, her life.
Screaming only one word.

The elder clutched his wife’s hand, as she was dressed to her best.
Lying on the ragged bed, in a nearly torn dress, surrounded by all they could afford.
Dressed in his one outfit, his veteran’s uniform, tears fell off his face onto a face,
With eyes that would never see again, a mouth that would never speak again.

Speaking but a single word.


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