Monochrome, noun, the state of consisting of only black and white or one color

I don’t know what I feel

This emptiness inside

There is no love,

No sadness, No pride


Nothing that makes us up

Nothing can be seen

They speak in color,

I have no clue what they mean


I see the world as it is

There’s this and that

Black and white,

No inbetween nor but,


Yet they speak of new visions,

New worlds, A place beyond reality

Unbelievably, colors in our world,

More than what we can now see


Is there more beyond our lives?

Can you do more than the convention,

The laid out paths with taught actions,

Is this that, that deserves our attention?


It’s the moment of apprehension,

The hesitation to make the move,

To checkmate while you’re in check,

The ultimate countermove.


While I plan my course,

You finish me off, before I,

Can do anything else about it,

And have no other choice to get by.






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