I struggle to find something as utterly contemptuous and simultaneously hypocritical as that of an insult delivered without even the slightest hint of emotion.

If with the circumstances of seriousness, to be on the receiving end of these words reduces the the soul’s pride more than that of one delivered under the heat of a storm of rage or that of a broken heart using it’s shared as ammo to the mouth of it’s body in attempt of defense. In the case of an emotional flurry, the stinging pricks of words can be attributed to that of a mind blinded by what’s right in front of it and thus easily render the words meaningless with enough apology and forgiveness.

To have an insult be given as if the mind itself is the eye of the storm, hurts moan than i care to describe. With the removed, coldness of one who thinks clearing the words cannot be written off in any sense of the term. Meaning cannot be ignored and undisputably one could say that it was a speech of truth – to their emotions not the validity of the insult – that in order to reveal themselves as all they were, it’s necessary to act as the tip of the greatest iceberg.

Yes, one could claim that the vicarious feelings of being out of one’s body that one seems to go through when delivering insults is cause of a lack of proper thinking. I do believe it to be that of a more advanced manner of thinking. The edge of the cutting blade that is the insult given in the midst of war, heart and mind is incomparable to that of the bullet shot through you by when they work in hammy to form the opposing side in such a war. While the blade leaves behind wounded soldiers, the bullet leaves a field of bodies, and with no remorse to be offered.


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