An old piece written with bitterness fueled by a freshman’s disappointment.

High School


Memories are haunting,

Happiness is fleeting,

Forgetfulness is frowned upon

Life sees it as cheating


The world wasn’t how I expected

I expected a perfect place

But as I learned quickly growing up

That just wasn’t the case


The teachers unforgettable

But the students relentless

The work may be deadly

But the rumors are a menace


A soul a day

7 lives in a week

The stat may not be right

But the future looks bleak


The day’s as grey as a hoodie

I feel as blue as jeans

Everyday feels as rough as leather boots

No one to make it better with these teens


Popular Brittany

Quarterback Harry

‘Emo’ Tyler

And Crazy Jerry


These labels are annoying

Makes this place feel sub-below

And if you call a teacher on them

Then oh boy, we’re in for a show!


They’re lying, they’re lying

Oh why high school,

So wonderful on the outside

Now, I just feel like a fool.



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