I would be the calm drizzle,
If people were the rain,
But she would be unrelenting,
The wildest hurricane.

I, a simple lily flower,
If people were nature’s wonders
Her as mountain range,
Surrounded by clouds and thunders.

As the simplest of equations,
If numbers are what we dare,
She would be a logarithm,
The worst calculus nightmare.

Should we wander as idle thoughts,
I would be a passing dream,
She would be the greatest tale,
With plot-twists that are never what they seem.

Yet, should her true self be what we compare
Rather than just her smile or personality
I’m but a tugboat, but she’s the Titanic,
With all the hull damage you’d think to see.

If her depression was a trap,
It’d be one with sharp teeth and chains,
Choking the air from her lungs,
Causing only the greatest of pains.

Her pills as a relationship,
They’d be one of love and hate,
Abusive in how she can never escape.
But her need for them is the endless bait.

When I turn our love into something immortal,
It’ll be the kindest of eternal souls,
Intertwined with careful empathy,
Showing to all, love’s true goals.


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