The Dartford twins are an odd duo in the best sense of the word.

Lily Octavia Dartford is the usually peppy optimist whom enjoys to wander around town for both places to sample food and gain inspiration to write. She’s on the younger side like her brother, and craves a chance to leave the safety of school to learn first-hand rather than from textbooks. Writing incredibly capriciously, it’s rather hard to predict where her mood will take her. She also loves to emphasize the fact that her favorite color is Strawberry red rather than plain red.

Lyle Aurelius Dartford is the often pessimistic student that prefers to avoid his classes in the library rather than face the inevitable tests. He rarely tags along with his sister, preferring to remain settled. He and his twin were separated early in life and now together, tend to take each other for granted but love each other nonetheless. Lyle tends to write with life’s more ‘touchy’ topics in mind. He declared his color to be Fine Wine red at his sister’s bugging.

T. M. Habs is the realistic editor and coordinator for the Dartfords, joining them in both adventurous excursions to the town and calm stay-ins at the library. Habs often functions as a reviewer to the drafts of Lily and Lyle’s writing, as well as writing the more ‘boring’ pieces such as mini-biographies. They’ve declared that their favorite color is black, even though it’s the absence of color as oxymorons are utterly hilarious to them.

Together, the three plot to take over the world- though as that’s far too much work, they leave that to the rich and focus on writing instead.