Ladder of Life

It was with cracked skin,

Skin that had been thick for far too long,

That I grasped the rung of the ladder.

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A Novel I’ll Never Write (NINW 2)

She shook her head rapidly, with wild eyes and quickly pacing feet. “I can’t, I want to, I can’t do this.” Confused, I couldn’t help but catch her panic as I try to grab her arms. “What are you talking about?” To go from old TV and joking chatter to sending the popcorn bowl on the floor and random statements is quite the juxtaposition.

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A Novel I’ll Never Write

He stared wide-eyed as her amber eyes began rolling in the back of her head. Unable to do anything but her body weighed down by gravity, she manages to keep a limp arm around the Vampire’s neck. His fangs drink greedily, but droplets of blood still leak out and trace paths down her neck, staining her collar.

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Saudade, Portuguese, noun, longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved then lose; “the love that remains”